Blog Writing

Blog writing is my bread and butter. I was writing blogs for fun before I was getting paid for them, which turned into creating blogs on dentistry for a marketing company. To be honest, they are my favourite kind of work.

Blogs should really only be around 400-700 words long, anything longer is an article and anything shorter hasn’t really explained the subject in enough detail.

A lot of companies (usually big and corporate although I don’t like to tar with the same brush) overlook the marketing value (and writer’s skill) of a blog and they’re not taken seriously.

However, blog writing is beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Establishes expertise with readers – A published blog on your website shows existing and new clients your wealth of knowledge in your chosen subject. It conveys trust for you and your services, therefore they are more likely to come to you for an answer to a question and choose to invest with you.
  • Establishes expertise with Google – regular posting shows Google you’re an active site, resulting in better ranking (i.e. more likely to show up on Google). The more you feature links to already well-established names throughout articles, the more this will establish your site as a credible source, also pushing your site to the top of the pile.
  • Answers questions – perhaps the most obvious one, your blog should seek to answer questions that people will search. Don’t begin with detailed jargon. This is boring and no-one will know what you’re talking about. People usually search broad and generic questions; there’s plenty of words to niche down further on in the article. 
  • Promotes services – I should emphasise that the sole purpose of your blog should not be to push what you are selling as this will fall flat. Instead, provide information and integrate how you and your services would be beneficial to the reader.

I do all of the aforementioned, as well as come up with creative ideas approached from different angles, keeping my work unique.