After graduating from university in 2017, I struggled to find a career that I was equally good at and enjoyed, hence returning to my passion for writing. I spent a year as a proofreader and blog writer for a marketing company before I decided to take a leap of faith with my own business. I live on the (sometimes) sunny coast of Dorset with my fiancé and our Dachshund. An avid coffee drinker, experimenter of photography and naturally curious person would sum me up well.

When I’m not reading and writing for clients, I am most likely engrossed in a good book or attempting to write my debut novel.

My personal assistant is very good at helping out in the office.

Why me?

I worked in the NHS for 3 years, namely oncology, which is where I discovered my love of helping and informing patients. I realised that my dream career would involve writing and helping people comprehend information that can be relatively dense.

I am a one-woman-show, rather than a big faceless corporate company. This means you always know who is behind the writing, I will always work with you, not for you, so that we can produce the best content for your services.

When you select my writing services, you are supporting an independent company, resulting in better prices for your bank account. It’s a win/win!